Projects (rarely updated)

ENS on Polygon for buildspace

A project guide for building your own ENS

Stack: Hardhat, Solidity, Vercel, React, OpenZeppelin, Ethers.

NFT Viewer

Testnet NFT Viewer

Stack: NextJS + ChakraUI.


Discord bot that dispenses ETH on the Rinkeby network.

Stack: NodeJS, Discord.js, Alchemy and Web3js.

Gradient NFTs

NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain of Solidity logos with random gradients.

Stack: Solidity, React, Hardhat, Ethers and Metamask.

Ethereum address book

Web 3.0 address book that stores Ethereum addresses in local storage.

Stack: Typescript, React, Web3js and Metamask.

Cyleum domains

Search engine for finding decentralised domains

Stack: Resolution.js and vanilla web. Hosted on Vercel.

What's for lunch?

Text recognition from image using EasyOCR and OpenCV2

Stack: Python, OpenCV2, Numpy, EasyOCR, vanilla web. Hosted on Vercel.


New cryptocurrency token listings bot

Stack: Python, Discord, MongoDB, Ethplorer, BSCScan, Etherscan, Covalent + more. Hosted on my personal server.


Live cryptocurrency widgets

Stack: NodeJs, Express, Redis, Cheerio, EJS. Hosted on Heroku, will move to a decentralised cloud once ready for primetime.


Low-bandwith Python teaching/broadcasting platform with local IDE

Stack: Django + channels, Redis, vanilla JavaScript, web sockets, CodeMirror. Hosted on Heroku.

Personal crypto tracker

Crypto portfolio tracker

Stack: Vanilla HTML/JS/CSS. Hosted on Netlify.